Banner Suvinil in Your Home 2020

Residential interior painting service
In gray times, even more color!
2020 arrived, transforming people’s lives in unimaginable ways.
The house became the center of the world for most people.
Valuing the safety of everyone, we also went indoors, but that of our customers and partners.
Through lives, lectures, conversation circles and other digital content, we bring information
and entertainment to everyone through the Suvinil in your home campaign.
But knowing that this was not enough, at such a delicate moment and with so many changes,
we went further: we created Pintar o Bem, a program that helped more than 1,950 painters in
vulnerable situations due to the pandemic.
That same year, we intensified our studies on behavior, making a deep and sensitive reading
about the changes that the new moment brought us.
And we safely embrace plurality as an essential value to our brand. It is by giving voice to
diversity that we value all the beauty, richness and multiplicity of our country.
Logo Suvinil 60 years.
Memorize the past, live the present and create the future. Ready?
In 2021, the year we celebrate 60 years of history, we recognize – more than ever – the power
of unity.
Suvinil doesn’t exist without you. And without any of our painters, architects, designers,
collaborators and clients.
We are the greatest wealth that this company has ever produced and it is through our stories –
achievements, changes and transformations – that Suvinil is able to paint an even more
colorful, plural and vibrant future.